Thursday, June 25, 2009

Woodworking bits

Not much happening in my outdoor workshop. I was doing a repair job on some bits from a gazebo that had broken when the wind picked it up and blew it across the garden! Lots of epoxy adhesive and some fibre-glass too. We'll see how well it works. I also used some jubilee clips as part of the repair. Quite a Heath-Robinson affair.

One job I did do for the tool chest project was to make a couple of trays for bits and pieces. I continued with my scrap philosophy and found some pieces of 9mm ply for the sides and 6mm ply for the bases. They will do the job.

Another little job that needed finishing off was an adjustable stop for my mitre saw. It's a simple hand saw, nothing fancy. I usually end up with a block of wood clamped to another block of wood clamped to the bench to provide a stop, but I knew there would be a better solution. Once again I looked at all the 12mm ply left over and created a simple base with a sliding block.

The block can be clamped anywhere along the bench and the sliding block gives me a measure of fine adjustment.

The central slot was cut in two passes using a 6mm cutter in the router table.
These simple little jigs are really useful things to make as you go along. It doesn't take much work and it's quite a nice feeling to solve little problems that crop up time and again as you try to make repeatable cuts.

My end stop can be used with my drill press with a minor modification and I guess with anything that needs a measured distance.

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