Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My brain hurts!

As a school governor, in fact as the chair of the governing body of a local school, I get a fair amount of paperwork across my desk. One of the things we need to do as governors is to complete the wonderfully named FMSIS (Financial Management Standard in Schools) assessment by March 2010.

I had a look today at the DCFS website to see what we needed to do and see if there were any useful documents. Apparently there are. In fact there are over 150 useful documents listed on the toolkit "useful documents" page. 150!

Exactly who the government think sit on governing bodies? People with nothing else to do expect read their circulars! I'm all for doing things well and doing them right, but at this rate I'm not surprised fewer and fewer people are interested in being governors.

If anyone has any influence in these things, please don't bury people who care about supporting schools in paperwork and expectations that become a full-time job in themselves.

Moan over!

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