Tuesday, September 25, 2018

For the love of playing tennis!

A moment of magic caught on camera!

In case you didn't see it, that's a sliced backhand, half-volley winner!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Under Stairs Storage

When we first moved into the house we needed to do something with the space under the stairs, but I wasn't quite sure what to do. We had an old chest of drawers, so I built some storage around it and spent the next few years thinking about how best to finish it off. Well, earlier this year I came across a storage solution by Clever Closet.

Here's the end product:

There are three large storage drawers and a double door cupboard. What you lose in physical space (the framework takes up space and the drawers are obviously smaller than the total volume of the space) you gain in organised space.

This is the empty space before the installation. What you can't see is the gas meter at the high end of the space. A small trim needed to be removed from under the sloping woodwork and the carpet needed to be trimmed back to a straight line.

After that it was a process of building and installing the unit and doors. The fitter was excellent. Me being me, I was very curious about the build and how it all would fit together. The angle of the staircase can vary from house to house as regulations and building practices have changed.

The system is modular, and if you look closely at the framework you might be able to see a series of predrilled holes in the sloping part the framework and the end panel. Each hole represents one degree of angle and enables the framework to be assembled as near to the angle of the staircase as possible. Any small variation is covered by the trim.

Once the frame is in and levelled up using the adjustable feet the drawers get added and the drawer fronts, doors and trim are added to give the finished look.

The whole job took about four hours and everything thing has a primer/undercoat finish ready for a final finish. Even like this it looks good and actually brightens the hall!

The cost was around £1000, but it's well worth it for the end product.