Friday, June 26, 2009

Scripture Memory

I use BibleGateway a lot these days. It's fast and fairly easy to use, although I do miss some of the nuances of my old software. One day I will take a deep breath and buy some software for the Mac, but as I yet I haven't seen anything that I really like and can afford!

Anyway, as I visited the site as part of my study time I noticed a link to the "top 100 verses" searched in March and April this year. Intrigued I took a look. Unsurprisingly John 3:16 was top of the list, but out of the 100 almost all of them would be worthy of learning if only we had the desire and discipline so to do. I remember my early days as a follower of Jesus as I rigourously and diligently applied myself to Scripture memory.

In that first year I did more foundational stuff than I think most new Christians get to do and it was all largely thanks to the fellowship and encouragement of the members of the Navigator group in Cardiff at the time. Sadly, my discipline in memorising the Bible has never quite reached the level of those early days, but there are times when I find myself committing things to memory. Perhaps it's time once again to take up the challenge.

Anyway, take a look at the list and see how rich the resource is that we have to hand.

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