Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Of copiers and mortal men

For about 3 months now I've been trying to get a photocopier fixed. You'd think it would be fairly simple, call an engineer, pay the fee, fix the copier. Not so easy. I have to confess that some of the delay is because it's not been No.1 on my priority list.

The company from whom I purchased said copier (a Canon IR1022A for those who want to know), have been helpful but I've struggled to get to speak to an engineer. I tried Canon themselves, but they were less than interested given that I didn't buy it directly from them and haven't got it on a service contract with them.

Finally I thought we'd cracked it this week having made contact with an engineer and arranged a service call. I thought too soon! I got a call this morning to tell me that I should call Canon because according to their records I'd only taken delivery of the copier in December of last year and therefore the problem would be fixed by Canon under warranty.

So I called Canon.

"Your contract isn't with us, it's with the distributor, you'll have to get them to organise it." I was not impressed. No matter how I pleaded for an explanation there was no moving Canon.

So I'm now back to very near square one, not knowing if anyone is going to fix my problem. And I'm rather frustrated. Canon is not on my Christmas card list!

And you know what's really frustrating is that when an engineer finally makes it to my door, he or she will plug in a laptop, download a bit of firmware and the thing will wake up and copy away as it did before the dreaded "Standby download" message appeared.

And the Doctor tells me to reduce my stress levels!!!

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David Cavanagh said...

OF course you dont want me to tell you what your rights are and who has legal responsibility for the said copier but I will tell you anyhow!
Having purchased it only as recent as December it would be covered by the manufacturers waranty BUT the company who sold you the machine is the one with whom you have a legal contract, not cannon, therefore it is down to THEM to sort your problem out! if you dont get any joy with them this time what about contacting the BBC 3 Counties Consumer team? they are pretty good at sorting this sort of problem out, would also get your voice on the radio, if you listen to 3CR (95.5fm)any week day, latish morning, you will find the number given out at regular intervals, you need to call whilst the programme is on the air because its the studio number you ring!
Anyhow, you didnt want to know any of that but I told you anyway!