Friday, August 06, 2010

Update on the printer

The new printer duly arrived, and after a while it's all installed and seems to be running okay. The installation was a bit long, a whole bucketful of drivers and software added to my computer, but I guess that's to be expected with a multi-function machine.

I've set it up as a wireless printer on the network, which was in fact really easy. Although it did require me to go through the installation process twice, once for each computer. I'm hoping that I can set up the Windows laptop to use it via the network, but I can't face a third long installation process today. I don't have the time for one thing.

At the moment it's busy scanning a 15 page document and putting the data into a text file on my iMac. All done wirelessly. How very neat!

Actually this was one of the reasons I decided to buy this printer. The document feeder takes up to 35 pages and the results so far have been good. When I tried the copier I got an image file which I then had to use Adobe Acrobat to convert to text. Okay, but straight to text is better and a document feeder means I can be doing something else while the scan progresses on its own.

Which reminds me I ought to get back to what I was doing before I decided to do this!

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