Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Questionnaires and other things

As September rapidly approaches, I'm working quite hard on getting things in place. I have to confess that I struggle sometimes with the expectations of strategies and programmes. Mostly because I'm not convinced that they deliver as much as they promise. They are useful and helpful and necessary in order to plot a course, but without participation they achieve very little. somehow we need to balance that sense of needing order with doing life that is quite unpredictable.

Anyway, as part of the autumn plan I've been working on both a prayer questionnaire and a spiritual health-check assessment tool. The latter has been developed from a resource I came across through Willow Creek. It takes a snapshot of where we might be in our walk with God and should help people identify some areas for change and development. it's easy sometimes to see these things as a way of probing the personal lives of the church, but that is not the intention. Both of these tools are designed to encourage growth and release ministry.

If you are interested in seeing these two tools then you can get there via my public Dropbox. The Prayer questionnaire is here, and the health-check here.

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