Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August Step Challenge: The results!

So it's the end of the last day of the August Challenge to walk 200, 000 steps over the month. And here are the results of my efforts.

Total steps: 340, 007 (that's approximately 170 miles!)

Average per day: 10, 968

Counting the first 10K only: 297, 168

Number of consecutive days over 10, 000: 18

So my official total for the purpose of the challenge works out at 9, 586 steps per day, which is quite good I think. As you can imagine, some days have been easier than others, but overall it hasn't been a drastic change to do this. Keeping it up through darker, wetter winter days might be a challenge, but it's certainly been an interesting exercise and it's contributed to my overall falling body mass!

Did you take up the challenge? How about trying in for September.

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