Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Recovering organisation

Having mentioned organisation yesterday, it struck me that it doesn't actually matter what system you use to organise yourself as long as it does a number of things.

1. It has to be able to catch everything. If your system doesn't do this, stuff will get lost and left undone. If your system leaks, then you need to fix it. Usually it means simplifying it.

2. It has to be easy to use. I reorganised my filing system a year or so ago and now it's so much easier to file things. No more wondering which tab it goes in, just write a new header on a square cut folder and file it alphabetically.

3. It demands discipline, so your system must operate well at the level of disciple you apply to it. It may be that you need to increase your level of self-discipline, but my experience is that without disciple I'm really not organised at all. You don't have to become military about it, but your system will stand or fall on how disciplined you are about practising your habits.

4. If you move about a lot, work in and out of the office or study, from home and elsewhere, then your system has to be portable. Having an iPhone and the iPad running Omnifocus helps. I can always see my list of projects and actions. I haven't bought the Omnifocus app for the iPad yet, but the iPhone app works okay. I'm just a bit reluctant to spend all that extra money on the iPad version. It would be nice, if anyone is listening, if they gave you a discount for already owning the desktop and iPhone versions. Paying three times just seems a bit too much to ask.

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