Friday, August 06, 2010

The Church needs to Repent

I have a regular alert from Google that picks up anything on the internet about "missional church". This morning I came across a blog post about the need for the church to repent and it listed seven areas in which the author thought the church needed to repent. In brief the were:

1. We need to repent of our insistence on keeping people busy, busy, busy, with church activities and services that might make for good church members but are not making good followers of the way of Jesus.

2. We need to repent of our religious legalism. We’ve created long lists of “do’s and don’ts” – all intended to help people get closer to God – but instead we’re keeping people from God. Instead of helping people find life – we’re known as those who suppress life.

3. We need to repent of our arrogant – know it all attitudes. In our need for certainty we’ve lost our humility and have forgotten the many mysteries of God...  We’ve convinced ourselves that our understanding of God and the Bible is totally flawless and that being “right” is more important than being “loving.”

4. We need to repent of our angry – often hate-filled, and mean-spirited ways. Jesus said that “blessed are the peacemakers”. Jesus told us to love our neighbors and our enemies.

5. We need to repent of our smug, condescending, judgmental, and critical spirits. Jesus said “don’t judge and you won’t be judged.” “Don’t condemn and you won’t be condemned.”

6. We need to repent of tying Christ to one political party’s agenda and making monsters out of anyone who sees things differently than we do. Jesus came declaring that all of the kingdoms of the world are flawed and that people need to align their lives with God’s kingdom and his agenda. We need to spend more time seeking “God’s kingdom and his justice” (Matt. 6:33) and less time seeking a given parties kingdom and its ideas of justice.

7. We need to repent of our narrow view of the gospel. We need to go back to the scriptures and re-learn what the essential gospel message of Jesus was and is.

It's a very interesting list, and something that we might want to think about quite seriously. At least we ought to be asking some questions about our personal attitudes and where we might need to repent.

You can read the whole post here.

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