Tuesday, August 03, 2010

How do you prepare?

I have a sketch book that is steadily filling up with all sorts of my version of mindmaps. Over time I suppose I've developed my own approach, as I suspect most people do.

For me the value of minpmapping is the opportunity it gives me to just think. You can follow a single thought or just keep generating new ideas. Eventually it has to be resolved into something, but as a process I find it really helpful. I use mindmaps for all sorts of things, not just preparing sermons.

I've tried various computer based mindmapping programmes, iThoughts on the iPad being a firm favourite, but a pen and paper seems more natural to me and actually easier to create. The biggest problem is finding a plain paper notebook. Eventually I bought an A4 sketchbook which does the job.

If you haven't tried mindmapping you may find that it will take time to settle to a process that suits your thinking processes. It did me. But persevere and you might be surprised how you get on.

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