Friday, August 27, 2010

The Rhythm of Life

I've been thinking about the rhythm of life and how a Christian rhythm differs so much from the world's rhythm. We start the week on a Sunday with worship and celebration. We look forward to living lives of availability to God. Or at least we should. Our week flows from celebration through work and leisure back to celebration.

The world starts on Monday with work and longs for the weekend to spend how it wants. The week is defined by the job you do and not the person you are. The week serves the weekend because it's the week that provides the resources to enjoy the weekend.

Like it or not, we've allowed the world's week to invade the Christian week. The rhythm has been upset and we are drawn towards the same view of life as our secular counterparts. It's not good. Worship and celebration now are things we fit in around all the other weekend activities. It is no longer the essential starting point. It has become an inconvenience to be managed.

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