Monday, August 30, 2010

Another London Walk

We all decided to hop on the train again yesterday afternoon and go for another walk around the city. Leaving Fenchurch Street we headed of in the direction of St Pauls once more, stopping at Costa Coffee in Cheapside for a drink and to escape the rain.

From there we made our way past St Pauls,  a place that both worries and inspires. It is a quite remarkable piece of architecture, but then again it's a church. So many people go to see the building, I wonder how few go to meet with God. Ah well, this wasn't a philosophy walk!

From St Pauls he headed off to Fleet Street, pointing out to Ally where Anne used to work in Shoe Lane and just beyond. From there we went up to Kings College and looked at all the picture of the more famous alumni. Maybe, if I do my DMin there I might become a famous ex-student too!! We also had a wander around a very busy Covent Garden on our way. Eventually we decided to get back on the Tube at Embankment and make our way home.

I'm sure there are lots more things we could do and sights we could explore. Maybe we will have a few more Sunday strolls, visit a few of the parks and maybe explore the Thames path. You never know!

All this is of course very good for us. The August step challenge has been a little responsible for our expeditions. Tomorrow is the last day and I'll probably post my results at the end of the day. I've been doing quite well, only four days below the 10K target and quite a few 11-13K days, although only the first 10K count towards the challenge. I'm sure someone has managed 10K every day, but not me alas.

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