Monday, July 20, 2009

Prayer Coach

I bought this book on the back of listening to one of the Willow Creek Association "Defining Moments" CD's. As I listened to the author describe how he "prays on the armour" and how he does the "body parts" prayer, I thought this might be a good book to have a look at.

And it is.

It's a book full of practical insights about how to kick start and maintain a healthy prayer life. It isn't overly spiritualised, but simple, down to earth stuff. I often think that too many of us want clever or complex solutions to our praylessness, perhaps in order to justify our lack of time well spent on our knees (even if we don't actually kneel). In many ways this book blows those old excuses right out of the water.

There's enough here for the experienced Christian and the new believer too. The list of names and attributes of God to use to open up adoration is great and the challenge to plan, to have patterns and to choose a place are all helpful to those starting out or who might have grown a little weary over time. If some books seem to set the bar too high, this book raises the bar and then shows you and encourages you to reach new heights, or maybe that should be depths, in prayer.

Having just recently preached on the six key elements of a worshipping people, all of which related in some way to prayer, I'll be pointing my congregation towards this book.

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