Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Pondering God's character

I decided to take up James Nicodem's (author of The Prayer Coach) idea of keeping a list of God's titles, attributes and names. I've added, by accident or default I'm not quite sure, the odd theological term like omnipresent to the list. Maybe it's because I think in theological terms, but it's really not that important.

The idea is to use these titles etc. as a launch point for adoration as part of your regular prayer times. He suggests you pick three and spend some time worshipping God as you prayerfully explore the meaning of the terms.

I decided to get a simple wire-bound A5 notebook and simply begin to keep a list. I started by writing down all the titles etc. that came to mind as I labelled every other page with a letter of the alphabet. I came up with 70 without really thinking too hard about it. At three a day, that's three weeks worth of attributes to ponder.

Of course the list will grow as I add words and phrases, and I suspect that I'm not going to find anything to put in the Q, X, or maybe Z part of the book, but we shall wait and see. It's not a race to compile the biggest list, it's an act of worship in itself to recall God's names and character and it definitely reminds me that God is worthy of all my praise.

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