Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Have we settled for mediocrity?

Have we settled for a version of following Jesus that is less than wholehearted commitment? Have we accepted that being a disciple is too demanding for us and we therefore lower the bar and settle for 75% or 65% devotion as more realistic?

I was reading Blackaby's daily devotion and he raises the issue like this:

If an athlete can be motivated to make incredible sacrifices for a perishable reward, how much more ought Christians to strive for an imperishable one?... Are you striving to bring your body into subjection for the glory of God? Are you training your mind to think the thoughts of God rather than thoughts of the world? Are you disciplining your life in prayer? When others are sleeping, are you interceding? Have you studied God's Word so diligently that you are prepared to find answers to the challenges you face? Have you equipped yourself in evangelism so that you can share your faith? Have you prepared yourself as a Christian in order to qualify for the imperishable crown that awaits you?

If this all sounds a bit driven to you, and it does to me if I'm honest, then maybe we both need to ask ourselves if we've settled for a mediocre kind of Christianity that demands little of the would-be follower of Jesus.

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