Monday, July 27, 2009

Morocco '78

Reminiscing about Morocco yesterday called for a review of some of the photographs. Maybe I'll scan more of them, but that's a project for another day.

Here's one from the early part of the journey. I'm guessing it's somewhere in France or Spain.

Standing at the back of the group on the left is Ian Groome. Ian was studying law at UWIST if I remember correctly. He was part of the Navigator group with which I was connected. In the checked shirt at the back of the group is Anne. Little did I know I'd be coming back from that trip with my future wife!

By the table is Chris Webster, another fellow student at UWIST, now a professor of Town Planning I'm told. Behind Chris you can just about see Annabel I think. Looks like she might be talking to Anne. In the red check shirt is Esther. I'm not sure, but the girl next to Esther might have been Esther's friend, but I can't remember.

Standing with her back to the bus might be Gail Dixon who went on to work for Horizons. I can't remember the name of the person standing next to Gail, (and if it's not Gail then it's Fran, a nurse who last I heard was in Australia).

I've be wracking by brain for the name of the guy standing at a distance from the rest of us. He was definitely part of the group.

Not in this picture then are Rowland, who lead the expedition, Robin, who I think had been serving as a missionary in Zaire as it was known then. If it's Gail in the picture then Fran and another nurse Sonia are not in the photograph and of course neither am I. Also missing is Jill (or was it Gill?) who also went to serve in Africa but who sadly died in the 1990's and Tim Morris, another Horizons worker.

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