Wednesday, June 30, 2010

We Can Do That

When I first took delivery of this book I read down the contents list and immediately put it to one side. I guess my first thought was that nothing in this book was going to connect with my church setting and more to the point I wasn't sure I shared any common ground with the authors about what church should be.

Then I came back to it and picked out a couple of chapters to read. Initially I found them irritating if I'm honest. Where are these guys coming form? What planet do they live on? And a few other thoughts crossed my mind.

I decided to read the introduction to see if that helped. It did. I began to see more clearly the heart and the perspective behind the book. I started reading it from the beginning and this time I found it more helpful.

There are still things that just don't connect at all, but that's not a problem. This isn't a prescription for fixing church. It's actually quite an interesting insight into how larger churches function. There's some useful stuff about keeping people informed, navigating change and leadership.

I'm still not comfortable with a number of things, but skipping over certain chapters that have no relevance to me at all, and picking up on some of the others has been very useful.

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