Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Just a flower in the garden of the place we stayed on holiday.

Was it only a week ago that we were staring at Stonehenge and wondering where to go next?

Sadly, because I don't particularly want to carry my camera around with when I'm walking, I don't take as many photographs as I could.

But then again, sometimes the best subjects are just outside your door! These plants were in the small garden outside the converted cart shed in which we stayed.

I quite like taking pictures of flowers and plants. This is just using the normal lens on the camera. The trick is narrowing the depth of field. But you knew that anyway!

Most new cameras have a flower setting that does it all for you. I remember the days when you had to change the shutter speed and balance the aperture to get the exposure right and the depth of field just where you wanted it. Then you waited for the film to be developed only to discover you hadn't got it quite right. Happy days!

I like the waxy texture on these buds.

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