Thursday, June 03, 2010

Praying for Cumbria

It's always a time of questioning things when you wake up to the news of events like those that occurred yesterday in Cumbria. For me it's made all the more vivid by knowing the area. I love the Lake District, and I know the places mentioned in the news reports. Many times I driven a similar route from Whitehaven to Boot through the peaceful countryside of West Cumbria.

I find it hard to imagine this part of the Lakes becoming the scene of such a terrible day's event. But then I guess that was also true for anyone who knew Hungerford all those years ago.

So I'll pray for the families and the people of Cumbria today. I'll pray for the survivors and the grieving, I'll pray for the people with questions that I suspect will never be properly answered. I'll pray too for those who somewhere will carry a sense of responsibility as they wonder if they were the one who applied the final straw.

May they all know God's grace, experience his tenderness and find a place of comfort in his mercy. If Jesus wept over Jerusalem, I believe he still weeps over tragedies like this.

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