Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Walking the streets

For some time now I've had a map on the wall of my study at church showing the local area. I've outlined the perimeter with a yellow highlighter. My best guess is that it is about 8 miles or so around the edge. But my first task was always going to be to walk various sections as prayer walks. My goal is, eventually, to have walked every street, but that is going to take some time and an investment in a new pair or two of trainers!

So, I divided the area inside my yellow line into three sections and I've now walked all three. They take about 60-80 minutes each to complete, and need a little modifying. It may be better to make them four, especially because I've just realised I've missed out a bit!

It's certainly given me a slightly different perspective on the place.

Walking and praying isn't that easy. You tend to get rather repetitive. I usually listen to some worship as I go and allow that to shape my prayers, but I don't pray all the time.

I sometime wonder if just being out of the streets, encircling a place, is a bit like Joshua and Jericho. Hopefully spiritual walls will fall rather than garden walls! Perhaps I should invest in a vuvuzela before the football finishes and they're no longer available. Mind you, I'm more likely to get arrested for disturbing the peace if I start blowing one of those at 7:00am!

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