Thursday, June 17, 2010

A Good Church Meeting?

I realise for some that the idea of a good church meeting is as much like an oxymoron as military intelligence or well-organised chaos. But I actually think we had a good church meeting last night.

Firstly it wasn't too long. An hour and a half. I've had shorter meetings, but this wasn't bad, and it didn't drag. Secondly, there were lots of interesting ideas and discussion. Okay, so we didn't all get the point of some of the things about which we were talking, but we all got to have our say and we discovered a few interesting tangents to explore too.

Thirdly, we prayed together. We prayed a lot for a church meeting. It's something I'm very keen that we do. Without it becoming a stop start thing, I'm always looking at the agenda and the things we discuss to see where and when it's most appropriate for us to stop and pray.

I think the layout helped too. Instead of rows of chairs facing forward, we had seats on three sides so we could all see each other. It seemed to create a different atmosphere, or at least support one.

There were other factors I'm sure, but these were the things that I noticed that I think contributed to us having a good meeting.

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