Sunday, June 13, 2010

Global Day of Prayer

Sitting in West Ham's stadium my first thought was how small the pitch seemed compared to somewhere like Twickenham! However, we weren't there for a football game, we were there for a prayer meeting.

How exactly do you organise a prayer meeting on this kind of scale? How do you work out the programme, the scope of it. Well first of all you make it a three hour event, four if you count the warm up, which I thought was going to be rather too long, but in the end the time went quite quickly. Oddly, although I assume we got all our tickets at the same time, we were not sitting together. That didn't really matter.

The prayer topics were well planned and well led. It was particularly moving to hear the prayers for the persecuted church. Okay, so some times the people praying appeared to assume God was somewhat hard of hearing. But that's not really a problem. Just because I'm not wired up to be loud doesn't mean other people can't be. It would be a sad world and a somewhat boring church if we were all the same!

It surprises me that more people weren't there. There was quite a good crowd. I think we were in the west stand, but I've no idea how many people that would have been. It would certainly have been good to see more of the stadium filled.

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