Monday, March 08, 2010

What is church?

This phrase from Tim Chester's blog caught my eye. He's talking about church as life lived out as a family rather than a meeting which we attend. He describes it this way:

doing ordinary life with gospel intentionality.

That strikes me as an almost insignificant phrase that we could pass over as being a theological soundbite. But it is far from that. It needs careful reflection, especially around the idea of "gospel intentionality".

He goes on to say this:

The church will never out perform TV shows and music videos. But there is nothing like the community life of the church. There is nowhere else where diverse people come together. There is nowhere else were broken people find a home. There is nowhere else when grace is experienced. There is nowhere else where God is present by his Spirit.

So, what are our chances of transitioning established churches towards this model?

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