Monday, March 15, 2010

Making sense of our suffering–Phil. 1:12-30

Yesterday we looked at Paul's approach to his situation in prison. We found three criteria by which he measured his suffering and was able to find joy in it.

The kingdom was advanced
The gospel was preached
Christ was exalted

He says so much more, but these three things seem to stand out.

Perhaps you are facing some level of suffering. Maybe you could take a different perspective too. Here's a simple question to ask yourself, "Is Christ and the cause of Christ being well presented even through the way I'm currently suffering?


Ricky said...

I wonder whether sometimes we confuse motivation and outcomes. I am convinced that Paul rejoiced in the outcome of his suffering.

However, Paul was not an actor. He was true to his own relationship to God. His struggle for holiness as outlined in Romans 7 and 8 shows his motivation - to live by faith in the redemptive and reflected glory of God.

Perhaps we are always looking for shortcuts to holiness, yet it is God who grows this fruit in our lives, and usually through suffering.

I hope this might clarify the text?

Richard Pool said...

I think it does (clarify the text). Thanks for the comments!