Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Faithful Preaching

As a how-to guide this is a very accessible book for the new preacher and the old stager alike. There's some good, helpful and useful ideas.

Th book is separated into three parts. The first part sets out some convictions about expository preaching, the third part set out some principles about personal spirituality. It's the middle section that deals with the practicalities of how to prepare and deliver a sermon. Now you can read the second part first if you want to dive straight into the model if you're in a hurry to get started. But if you're new to the whole realm of preaching, you ought not to ignore parts one and three. Do so at your peril, because every established preacher knows that ignoring your own walk with God leaves you on dangerous ground for the ministry of preaching.

Anyway, it's a helpful book, and at the very least will help you understand the fundamentals of good preaching even your pattern is somewhat different. Read it alongside books like Communicating for Change to get a broader perspective on styles and approaches.

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