Monday, March 15, 2010

Phil. 1:20 that now, as always, Christ will be exalted in my body

You've probably all seen the wristbands: WWJD, FROG, PUSH, well I have one question that I regularly ask myself and other when facing a lifestyle choice: Will this action honour God?

It may not make a snappy wristband, but it is an important question. When someone tells me they are thinking of leaving their spouse or of setting up home with their new "significant other", I ask them, "How will this honour God?"

When I'm asked to help someone through a decision-making process I'll ask them, "Which choice will most honour God?"

It just seems to me that if we are truly serious about living our lives for the honour and glory of God and not for what we get out of it ourselves, then this is exactly what we ought to be asking ourselves. We can complicate it in all sorts of ways, but the bottom line will always surely be that our desire has to be that Christ is exalted in us at all times and in all possible ways.

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