Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Finally I succumbed

Yes it's true, finally I gave in to temptation. After a whole year or more of thinking about it and wondering and moaning about the tariffs, I finally gave in and upgraded to an iphone.

I'm not really a Mac junkie (who said that's not true?!), but it seems to make sense to me that if I'm going to integrate my contacts and diary with my phone, then this is probably just about the best way to do it. That is of course until the ipad comes on sale in April! But then again, you can't really have too many Apple products, can you?

I'm not about to fill up my new gadget with all sorts of games. I'm not really much of a game player, and they are too much of a distraction anyway. So I'm going to be business-like about my apps, honest!

At the moment I have Omnifocus, The Guardian, Daily tasks (a free to-do list app that's quite nice and compliments the more complex Omnifocus for quick lists) iThoughts (mindmapping), Echofon for Twitter and the free version of 1Password for the iphone.

I wouldn't say this is my essential collection, in fact I don't have an essential collection. I guess not I'm permanently connected to the internet I might find a few other things that are useful!

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