Monday, March 08, 2010

March 8th: Phil. 1:3

I thank my God ever time I remember you

I thought I might try to write a short "thought for the day" based on something from Philippians as we study it at church. Whether it follows logically through the letter or not I don't know. It's just an experiment.

This phrase stands out in the early verses of chapter one. We could so easily look at the content of Paul's prayer or focus on the nature of the gospel in which they, and we, partner. But it's good to stop and ask ourselves a simple question: Do we give thanks often enough for the people with whom God has surrounded us? Be honest now, are you able to say that you give thanks every time you remember everyone?

Giving thanks is an act of the will, sometimes more difficult than others. Some people are just difficult and giving thanks for them and the challenges they bring is hard and we don't want to do it. But do it we ought, do it we must.

It is far easier to moan than to give thanks, the words come far more easily. We're all pretty good at pointing out what's wrong and who's to blame. So try giving thanks, even for the critics and the problem causers, the difficult and the demanding. Give thanks that it matters enough to them to raise the questions. Give thanks that they too can know freedom and release. Whatever you do when you remember them, pray God's blessing upon them.

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