Wednesday, March 03, 2010

As my brain continues to process...

There is still a lot of reflecting to do on my few days at seminars, but some things have been running around my head that I just need to get out of my head and written down somewhere. So, in no particular order....

Some of the people who use the term missional leadership, don't seem to understand it quite the way I do! Not a criticism, but just an observation. One speaker kept talking about missional leadership but I wasn't convinced that we shared a common understanding in the room about what that meant. The danger is that it becomes a two word description of something that only needs one word. Leadership!

If a growing, missional (it's okay, I know what I mean!) church is the by-product, what is the original product? Missional is about life not programmes, it's about "being" more than it is about "doing". So how do we sustain the argument that the primary purpose of the church is mission, partnering with God in what he is doing, without turning everything into an evangelistic opportunity. what should we be focussing upon?

I think there is a real need to refocus our attention on the simple idea that we are meant to be in a relationship with God. Perhaps if we helped people to stay connected with God more clearly and more consistently, the other stuff would naturally flow from that.

Maybe my job is more about helping people do that than anything else. Maybe.

If the speed of the team is determined by the speed of the leader, how are we doing as leaders? Are we slowing down any progress? What are we doing to facilitate spiritual growth? What are we doing to model spiritual growth?

How come most of our leadership structures revolve around getting stuff done and not around setting an example of what it means to be a wholehearted follower of Jesus Christ.

And there are more questions than that running relay races through my busy mind. But at least I've got some of it out of my brain and into something else so I can get on with some other things that need my attention. It's a busy life in my head!

Hope you brains are not addled by my ramblings!

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