Monday, December 21, 2009

Seen at last!

Ever since we came to Upminster we've heard the stories about the wild parakeets that live locally. In the summer we could hear them calling, but never quite got to see them. Well, as I opened the curtains this morning, there they were sitting in the tree just outside the window.

With the light behind them it was almost impossible to photograph them, but I gave it a go and although not very clear, here's the proof that these birds really do live wild at the bottom of our garden!

In the first picture you can just about make out the bird sitting in the far side of the tree near the centre of the photograph.

When they fly, they are really obvious as these brightly coloured flashes cross your field of view. But sitting in the tree they blend in rather too well at times! There are at least two others in this picture but I can't see them!

In the second picture there's a solitary bird sitting on a branch on the edge of the tree. If only it was in the afternoon the sun would have been from the right and he would have been beautifully lit! Oh well, at least I've seen them close up (the tree is only 6 or 8 feet from the window).

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