Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Basic assumptions?

David Fitch discusses the small church as a training ground for new pastors and leaders in a recent post in response to something Tim Keller raised. The post is well worth a read because of some of the important questions it raises both directly and indirectly. I was particularly drawn to his description of the small urban/suburban church:

Their people are living deep within the Christendom assumptions of the West. They still ask question that address “how can we attract more people into our church services?” They largely see outreach as church building centered. Most know few if any non-Christians in the regular rhythm of their lives.

I'm drawn to it because I think it probably describes much of the challenge we face in many of our churches. I've been around church for a long time now, over 30 years, and these questions about why people don't come and how can we get them into the building, our building, have constantly been asked.

I for one am glad that we are finally waking up to the reality that filling our buildings is not the whole answer. There is more to be done in the community, with the community and for the community that just cannot be done from the safety and security of our religious fortresses.

Anyway, have a read of Mr Fitch's post and have a think for yourself.

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