Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Google Wave Preview

Google Wave is now in preview and it is looking rather good.

For anyone involved in group discussions, planning, project writing or anything else that happens by collaboration, this might just be the online tool to do the job. When I posted a link to the video I thought then that it had real potential if it could live up to its billing. Well, my early looks suggests that Google Wave might just be able to do exactly what I want it to do.

I've set up some waves for things like Advent planning, deacons' meetings and thinking about pastoral care. The true test will come when other people start interacting with these waves.

I'll keep you posted!


David Cavanagh said...

I have just got an invite to Google Wave, I agree it looks as though it COULD be useful, in certain circumstances the trouble is, like so many of these tools they only become effective and useful when you get 100% of those involved in a particular group/project/team get onto it and I am not sure that there is enough there to convince some folk to use it, I can think of a number of applications for it, within our church context, but I doubt that I can convince others to see the benefits of it enough to sign up.

Richard Pool said...

Well I know what you mean David, but isn't it a shame that a free application like Wave might become useless because one or two folk won't sign up.

I'm hoping that my leadership team will see the value!