Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

Well everybody else seems to be wishing the world a Merry Christmas, so I thought I'd join in!

My plan for the day is a simple one. We've got our Christmas Day celebration at church this morning, then the in-laws will arrive and we will do the present opening. It's all very civilised as we sit down and take it in turns to open presents. After that it's the ubiquitous Christmas lunch. I'll try and get out for a walk in the afternoon, but sometimes lunch can take so long to have and clear up afterwards that we run the risk of being out in the dark!

Hopefully after all this I'll get the chance to do a little reading. I'm currently reading both Crazy Love by Francis Chan and To be Told by Dan Allender. Both interesting books.

Boxing Day is a big day as we travel to see the wider family. It will be a longer journey this year because we've moved further away, adding an hour at least to the travelling time. That leaves little time to make sure everything is ready for Sunday, so I might even grab some time today to do a bit of work.

I know, I should have been more organised and got it all done earlier in the week, but I didn't and I enjoy the quiet of Christmas Day anyway. We don't have a house full of relatives with which to contend! So doing some work doesn't really interfere with the day.

Hope you all have good days too, the kind of Christmas Day you enjoy.

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