Sunday, October 11, 2009

The simple things

We heard some great stories in church this morning. I love to hear stories about the ways in which God's people are working out their part in his mission. I wish we had more stories to tell and more time to tell them.

We had one story about making friends through using a mobility scooter and someone else spoke about making friends through simple conversations and connections. There was also a really encouraging story about someone's workplace and how they had noticed a colleague "not looking themselves" and how it led to an opportunity to offer to pray.

All great stories of simple things, small things that God can use to do something extraordinary if he so chooses.

It reminded me of what John Wimber used to say: "I'm just small change in God's pocket for him to spend however he wishes", or words to that effect.

Couple that with "Small things done with great love can change the world, and you begin to see that we don't need grand gestures or great plans and programmes, we just need humble, willing hearts.

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