Saturday, October 17, 2009

Questions for leaders

The Acts29 Blog posted an interesting piece recently. It was a reprint of an article, available as a pdf, the references are in the original post here.

The post is a review of 1Thessalonians and the questions that arise for a church planter from the text. Of course the questions don't only apply to those involved in church planting, they apply equally to those of us who serve established churches and in fact many of them apply to non-leaders too.

Here's a summary of the questions, to get the full picture you need to read the original.

01. Am I faithfully pressing into prayer for my people?

02. For whose sake am I planting/pastoring this church?

03. Am I leading in a way that is calling people to turn from idols to Jesus?

04. Is a love of money or applause sneaking into my heart at all?

05. Am I willing to be shamefully treated if that means more people hearing the Gospel?

06. Have I worked really hard to remove any obstacles/burdens that could get in the way of my people hearing and responding to the Gospel?

07. Have I been gentle and affectionate with my people, like a mom?

08. Have I been for my people, cheering, like a dad?

09. Am I doing this work as if I will brag on my people to Jesus?

10. Would I be crushed if my people walked away from Jesus?

11. Do I love to be with my people?

12. Have I taught my people how they ought to live?

13. Have I hammered my people on the importance of sexual purity?

14. Am I constantly calling my people, especially those who have been with me for a while, to swim deeper in the Gospel?

15. Have I been timely and helpful in teaching my people the doctrine they are most in need of getting right?

16. Has my joy in and awe of Jesus been so consistently on display that my people would get why it is good news that we get to be with Him forever?

17. Have I had the courage to admonish my people when necessary?

18. Am I resting in the fact that God will accomplish the work He intends among my people?

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