Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Choosing to celebrate and rejoice

Just before I set off to walk up to the church this morning, I grabbed my copy of Henry Blackaby's daily devotional. Here's part of today's thought:

It is possible to serve God year after year and yet have a heart that is far from Him, You might be one of the hardest workers in your church and yet be filled with bitterness because others do not share your load. You can become so preoccupied with your spiritual labors that when God works miracles in the lives of those around you, you cannot rejoice.

If you serve the Lord out of duty or habit, but not out of joy and gratitude, you will feel like a martyr. You will envy those who are experiencing joy in the Lord while you feel weighed down by the work you are doing. This is not the abundant life your Father has planned for you. Come to the celebration, spend time with the Father, and share in His joy!"

I know that there are times when I take on the role of martyr, and I'd be highly surprised if it were not so for you too. I guess what we all need to do is recognise the symptoms and treat it before it gets ingrained in our way of thinking.

If you want to read more of Henry T's daily devotional you can do it here, or buy the book!

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