Thursday, April 30, 2009

Is a new systematic theology needed?

I've never been a big fan of systematic theology. Maybe it's because there always seems to come a point where you have to adjust something to fit your system rather than adjusting the system. I'm just rebellious at heart!

On the other hand, I've begun to wonder if there isn't a need for a more systematic approach to theology as we do it in church. I don't think we actually need to look for an emerging systematic theology or go in search of a post-modern systematic theology either. But I just wonder if some of the issues I regularly see in pastoral ministry result in part from an absence of understanding of some fundamental truths and doctrines.

I suspect we might have to find a more subtle way of doing it than announcing an eight week series of doctrine of sin, but the challenge apart, a more consistent approach to educating ourselves about what we actually believe than what we think we believe or what makes us feel better about ourselves.

More thought to come I'm sure.

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