Sunday, September 13, 2009

Moving in

Surrounded by boxes, we've made it into our new home. There is much unpacking left to do, but Anne has been working through the rooms. I've been sorting out the kitchen. Our cooker is wider than the original gap between the cabinets, and I thought it was just a simple matter of moving a single cupboard a couple of inches to make room.

Not quite so easy, I needed to make some alterations to the worktop on the other side so that the lid opened into the gap between the wall cupboards. Having done that, I connected up the cooker only to discover that there was no gas! It appears that the supply line from the meter has been re-routed and no longer supplies gas to the cooker point. Ah well, these things will get sorted out eventually. It will have to go on the list along with the TV arial that's there but not providing a signal.

On a positive note, the new wardrobes look good, just the handles to fit. Both 'phone lines have been installed and BT have connected Anne's business broadband without a hitch.

Today we will be off to church for the first time. It will be really good to see everyone and get a feel for things as they are. I wonder how long it will take for me to learn all the names and connections!

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