Monday, September 21, 2009

Books, books, books, and more books

I can't believe how many books we have. Note "we". I'm not the only book addict in the house. In fact I might even dare to suggest that the majority of "our" books are in fact not "my books"!

Okay, I think that might be the proverbial straw towards which I'm stretching a tired hand this afternoon, but I think I've almost unpacked my study books bar a box I must have missed (my NT Dictionary and a few others haven't surfaced yet). I've collected the equivalent of two boxes to recycle and my bookshelves are pretty much full now.

Then there's all the other paraphernalia I had in my study. I can't believe the amount of stuff I've still got to sort out. High time some might say. I think I agree. The problem is deciding what to ditch and what to keep. For example, I have boxes of photographs. Boxes of the things. I hardly ever look at them, so why do I keep them? Perhaps it's laziness. Perhaps it's history.

Another box is full of audio and video leads and connectors. Now I did throw some of those away before we moved (does any normal person need 12 power leads?). Envelopes is another box that desperately needs pruning. If you ever need an envelop, just come and see my collection! Some have come because I've ordered cards that come with envelopes, some I've bought because I thought I needed more. More? If I find anymore of the things I'll start serving meals in them just to use them up!

So I'm in a bit of mess but slowly things are being sorted out. I have a box of things to sort out and two boxes of books to re-home. Another couple of boxes have been opened and then quickly closed because it was too much to take seeing their contents and not knowing what to do with them! Out of 20 odd boxes I think I've done quite well and when I've fed the cats (I'm being told it's tea-time as I type, I think I'll attack one more box and then start cooking. Or maybe I'll just cook.

Maybe I should look for a recipe book!

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