Friday, September 18, 2009

Finding my way around

So today's big adventure was to locate he nearest Staples store and buy some really useful boxes. If you don't know what a really useful box is, the you need to find out! Put simply they are really useful boxes in a variety of sizes from something that you keep business cards in to something that could house a small family (well maybe not but they do get pretty big). Anyway, I digress.

Using the internet I searched for my nearest store but unfortunately the postcode wasn't recognised by my navigation system and it took me three goes to find the place. Eventually I did and bought my boxes. I also discovered the roads that criss-cross the A127.

On the way home I came through Hornchurch, our neighbouring town, and saw a great sign in a shoe shop window:

Buy one get one free

Now forgive me for stating the obvious but isn't that the least you expect from a shoe shop? You don't go in to buy a single shoe normally, and you don't expect the matching shoe of the pair to cost extra!

They are strange folk with strange ways down here!

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