Monday, October 18, 2010

Communion as a shared meal

We tried something different on Saturday. Someone suggested that we have a harvest supper but that we included communion, but not as an after thought as it often feels that we do it. What we did was to reflect on the big story of the Bible and where communion fits in it.

Preparing was quite hard. I've never done this before. We had to work out what it meant to explore communion in this bigger context. What ideas would we share, what reflections did we have? In the end I found myself restructuring and even rewriting as we went along.

We talked about the fellowship humanity enjoyed in the garden, how it became broken and how God expressed his desire to restore it. We learned that to share communion is to remember and celebrate many themes and principles from the Biblical narrative.

I'll post some of the reflections as a series of posts to stop it becoming one long piece.

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