Sunday, October 31, 2010

An afternoon of firsts

So, this afternoon I did my first home baptism, which was also the first time I've baptised someone by sprinkling and, to top it off, the first time I've ever used water from the river Jordan to baptise someone!

There are times when it is time to put aside the theological and doctrinal issues so often beloved of the church and simply do the pastoral thing. This afternoon was one such time.

Our "candidate" is quite ill and getting to church, onto a platform and down into the water, was never going to happen. So we gathered around her bedside, the family, a couple of friends from church, me and the guy with the video camera. We shared the story of God's amazing love and heard a story of a journey of faith.

It was, as ever, a great privilege to share in this event. This was church doing what church does best. Loving people, sharing life, encouraging  faith.

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