Friday, October 22, 2010

Communion and the only way

So this is how God worked out his purpose to rescue and save, to call those who had become lost back into relationship with himself.

In the Old Testament every year there was a celebration of God’s promise to redeem those whom he loved. Each year a special sacrifice would be made and the blood from that sacrifice would be sprinkled on the Ark, a box that contained the two tablets of stone on which were written all the commandments of the covenant. When God saw the blood that was sprinkled over the ark, the law was covered. He no longer saw the law that demanded judgement, he saw the life that was sacrificed.

When we accept Jesus as our leader and forgiver, God looks at us and no longer sees our rebellion, but he sees his Son’s sacrifice. The blood of Jesus covers our failure and we find forgivness through the mercy and justice of God. We are dependent upon God’s grace and mercy; what Jesus has done for us, that we cannot do for ourselves.

Communion is a remembrance of the sacrifice made not by us, but on our behalf. We remember that we cannot restore our relationship with God by our own efforts. It only comes through the redemptive work of Jesus.

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