Monday, October 18, 2010

Communion and Rebellion

Communion begins in the garden of Eden, the place, created by God, where human beings were invited to live in close relationship with him. Everything about the garden was good. Adam and Eve, man and woman in perfect communion with God.

So all was good in the garden.

But things go wrong. Humanity asserts its self determination. Wants to be master of its own destiny and decider of its own future. Through disobedience to God’s express command, fellowship is broken.
But God determines to restore it. And it won’t be without cost.

God promises to rescue those he loves. Who does God love? John tells us that God loves the world and because of this great love he has for all humankind he sent his Son into the world to put right what went wrong.

Communion is a remembrance of our lost relationship and a celebration of God’s restoration of it.

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