Saturday, May 01, 2010

Phil. 4:20

To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen

It's the whole point really. To honour God and bring him glory all the time. Of course we fail, but why should that stop us trying? Of course it is easy to say that if a thing is worth doing then it will probably require some effort and there will be setbacks.

But maybe the point is about perspective. When you go about your ordinary tasks, how much do you stop to ask yourself if what you are doing at that very moment actually glorifies God? Perhaps many things are pretty neutral. I'm not sure working on the tool chest I made last year does anything particular to glorify God. On the other hand it's fairly easy to spot when we're engaged in stuff that definitely doesn't do it.

I'm reading John Burke's book Soul Revolution and exploring his 60-60 experiment, designed to help you reflect on and practice staying in constant communion with God. I fail a lot. But I refuse to give up just because I'm not good at it.

You see, the more connected I remain the more I know I can honour God. And if I'm honouring God I hope I'm not promoting myself.

So, to God be the glory in every situation, through every reaction and as a result of every decision we make.

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