Friday, May 07, 2010

Early election reflections

Well, after many long weeks and even months of media frenzy, we appear to be headed straight into a balanced, or hung parliament. No surprise there then. In fact, watching the election coverage the only surprising thing seems to have been that this time they actually predicted the correct outcome. That and a few odd gains and losses that were not on the infamous hit lists. When the dust settles, it will be interesting to read the analysis of what has happened and why.

It makes you wonder what the politicians are now going to do if they actually have to win the argument in order to get a policy through parliament. It's bee a while since the party of government has had to work with a small majority let alone no majority at all. Might we see a little more thoughtful debate on key issues? The cynic in me suspects that deals will be done behind closed doors in order to get things through. The optimist in me hopes for a better outcome.

I do worry about the appearance of "The Christian Party". I'm all for Christian involvement in politics, but I'm far from convinced that all Christians should agree to the extent that we can form a party. And the large ad that appeared in the main street where I live read more like a piece of nationalistic propaganda that something I'd call Christian.

The thing that did surprise me was the turn out in some places. Seeing people queue around the block to vote is an astonishing sight in the UK. Of course the ranting and shouting by those who found themselves unable to vote was not so unusual. Perhaps the system has simply adapted to the so-called voter apathy of past elections. What we would we do if everyone turned out to vote!

If history repeats itself, then I guess we can look forward to doing this all over again in the Autumn.

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