Monday, November 02, 2009

Remembrance Sunday is coming

When we were in Cotton End, Remembrance Sunday involved meeting the members of the British Legion outside by the memorial that was in our grounds. We read the names, paid our respects, heard the bugle and stood in silence.

I can't remember how many names are on that memorial, even though I read them every year for seven years. For what would have been a very small village at the name it seemed like a lot.

Now we're in Upminster and I wandered up to the memorial in the town yesterday to have a look. I'd been searching the internet to see what I could find, but there was very little information. I don't know how big Upminster was during either conflict, but the list of names runs to 207. 66 from the first war and 141 from the second.

My view of war will not change, but just because I will always argue against armed solutions does not mean that I do not have the utmost respect for everyone named on this memorial and all the memorials up and down the country.

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