Saturday, November 21, 2009

Mission on the High Street

I mentioned one of Simon's posts about the high street recently and it's developed into a series of posts that are really worth reading and thinking about. I have to say it's the kind of thing about which I get really excited.

You can read Simon's most recent reflections here.


David Cavanagh said...

strange the way that God works!!
I sat at home a few weeks ago and completelly out of the blue I had this vague 'idea' pop into my head.
What would happen if the church moved back into the town centre?
as you know Bedford, the site I had in mind, because it stands empty, was Woolworths, what if we set up a presence there, where God was worshiped and glorified in the midst of the business, int he hustle and bustle, a 7 day a week centre for God.
then I note that you start talking around those issues, without saying anything too definate, but now you post the link to Simon's Blog, I have just sent the link to my wife who's response was 'are you sure you didn't write this?'
Well I didn't write it but its no surprise that we have the same 'ideas' when we serve the same God is it?
I have put this forward to the Elders at my church to see how they feel about it and how we move this concept forward.

Richard Pool said...

I think Simon's posts are really interesting. The whole idea of a place, rather like an oasis, where people can come and relax and connect plus a vibrant worship centre might be something really interesting to think through.

And "the church" moved back into the town centre, then Wesley Owen might just find a new home and a new lease of life too!

Pilgrim said...

There are plenty of people thinking along similar lines: lots of conversations on the UKCBD blog,