Monday, March 05, 2012

Suing the BU

I don't know if this story has reached beyond the Evening Standard, but last week there was article about an ex-missionary who is suing the BU over loss of earnings-"Church ruined my chance to play for Man Utd" Evening Standard 5th March.

Apparently the said missionary believes he could have played for Manchester United had it not been for the church and the union persuading him to become a missionary. So he's suing for loss of earnings. If he were to win his case, then the current £1 million defect would have a further £10 million is compensation to be added to it. I hope we're well insured!

The implications of such a case are enormous. We might think it foolish to make such a claim and we might hope that the courts will agree that no matter how he feels now, at the time it was his choice to become an evangelist and engage in mission as he did. On the other hand, how do we help people hear God's call and respond to it? And what do we do when things turn sour and once faithful followers become disillusioned antagonists?

I ask these questions for several reasons. First because I know first hand how it feels to find yourself wondering if you have ever truly heard God's call, and secondly because if the people I knew at college and from elsewhere who find themselves no longer serving God or sharing the faith we once shared. Once they were passionate about the gospel, now they are no longer even in fellowship. How do we care for them, if we do, if we can?

I have no solutions just a few prayers.

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